Uneven Tyre Wear

Check to see if your front tyres appear to have the same wear patterns. Then do the same for the rear tyres. If they seem to be the same, the alignment of your car is correct. During your next car servicing, do ask the mechanic to check the tyre wear of your tyres. They should be able to identify if there is any uneven tyre wear.

Vehicle Pulls Sharply in One Direction

If your car pulls sharply in one direction when driving, it can also be a case of under-inflated tyres. However, if there tyre pressures are correct and the problem persists, it is a sign you might need to have your wheels realigned.

Slight Pulling

Less noticeable and more difficult to be identified compared to the sharp pulling that occurs with a severely misaligned vehicle. One way to check if your car has a gentle pull is by finding a vacant parking lot that does not sit at an angle. While driving slowly in a straight line, release the steering wheel. If the car drifts to either direction, it is likely misaligned.

Steering Wheel Vibration

While this could be the result of an unbalanced tyre, steering wheel vibration can at times be a sign your vehicle needs to be aligned correctly. The vibration, regarding to alignment issues, is the result of your tyres pulling in opposite directions of each other.

Crooked Steering Wheel

Always pay close attention to your steering wheel use. You may be subconsciously correcting for a misaligned vehicle by driving with your steering wheel off-centre. If you notice this is happening, it is another sign that your wheels need to be realigned.